The lecture on the Federal Reserve and the reappointment of Professor Wang have been held successfully
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In the morning of December 14, 2017, Professor Wang Lili, the director of Sinopec group, part-time professor of Nankai University, vice president of China Association for international economic relations, vice president of former ICBC head office, vice chairman of ICBC (Asia) Co., Ltd. and chairman of ICBC (London) Co., Ltd., attended “graduate academic weekend” held by the institute of finance and development and gave a lecture on the subject of “The new chairman and policy trend of the Fed”. And then, the reappointment of Professor Wang was been held by Professor Tian Lihui, Professor Yan Chunhua, vice president of Nankai University, and Dr. Miao Lindong, vice district head of Nankai District, attending the ceremony.


Firstly, Professor Yan Chunhua gave a speech and appointed Professor Wang to the part-time professor in the institute of finance and development. After the reappointment, Professor Wang analyzed that why Mr. Powell was named the new fed chairman, discussed Powell 's three main characteristics of handle affairs and stated his unique experience in educational background, work experience and policy involvement. And then, Professor Wang outlook the monetary policy of the  Powell’s era by analyzing the personnel pattern of the federal reserve, arguing that America economy will continue to recover in the context of higher interest rates and tax cutting. Finally, Professor Wang sums up the likely impact of the Powell’s era fed monetary policy and how the other countries respond.


Dr. Miao Lindong made a perfect comment on the lecture, and made his own suggestions on how to deal with academic work. The activity also had interactive section, Professor Wang gave detailed answers on the students' questions. At the end of the activity, Professor Tian made a statement and thanked Professor Wang.