Nankai district leaders visited the institute of finance and development
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In the morning of December 7th, Miao Lindong - the vice mayor of Nankai district, Chen Qiang and Sang Yao -the director and section chief of Financial Affair Bureau of Nankai district, visited the Institute of finance and development of Nankai University. A reception was held in the meeting room B205 in Arts Innovation building by professor Tian Lihui, the director of the school, who extended a warm welcome to their visit.


Miao Lindong, the vice mayor, firstly introduced to professor Tian the financial development and reform of Nankai district, holding that it is a period with rare opportunity for the development of Tianjin since the plan of integrated and coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei was upgraded to a national strategy. As one of the main district, Nankai district is precisely positioned as “Nankai with technology”. The progress of technology relies on the development of finance, which, however, is faced with several problems such as mixed ownership of state-owned enterprises, the development of foreign banks and insurance companies in this district, etc. Moreover, the portion of technology and finance in GDP of Nankai district is relatively low, which is hopefully raised up to 20% during the development in the next few years. According to vice major Miao, the aim of this visit is to, on the basis of the professional background of Institute of finance and development of Nankai University, realize the joint between government and university to make suggestions to the financial development of Nankai district.


Professor Tian agreed to the Miao’s suggestion and believes that the regional financial development will effective improve the cooperation between the government and universities. It’s essential to conduct researches on this basis to put forward a feasible plan. Tian suggests that if set up successfully, this will become a study of policy, practice to solve real problems. The Institute of finance and development is more than willing to contribute to the financial development of Nankai district.


Both sides are confident about this cooperation. Vice mayor Miao said that he and Mayor Chen from Financial Affair Bureau are happy to provide help if there is any problem, and remind Chen to come up a feasible plan for professor Tian as reference. Professor Tian expressed his gratitude, believing that the Balitai campus of Nankai University located in Nankai district, which resulted in endless connection between Nankai district and Nankai University, and hoped this cooperation can become a win-win situation. The discussion lasted for an hour and ended in a joyful atmosphere.