CS: Capital Market “Big Insurance” Pattern emerged
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  • Full chain “fortification”


From the market-based legal system to infringement of civil compensation litigation, from dispute resolution mechanisms to public welfare agencies to support litigation, from the promotion of advance payment to the demonstration of litigation judgment... Regulators closely follow the needs of investors, around the right to information, participation, benefits, claims and other basic rights. In the process of system construction and daily supervision, the regulators fully implement the investor protection requirements and implement the entire chain of “fortification” for the protection of investors through the life cycle of the securities market from issuance to delisting, with the emergence of the pattern of “big insurance coverage” in the capital market.



  • Strengthen the top design to consolidate the basis of insurance system


The industry generally believe that regulators has made unremitting efforts in the protection of investors, especially in the construction of important systems, which fully embedded investor protection requirements, formed a legal system including securities law, company law, securities investment fund law, criminal law and a large number of administrative rules and regulations.



  • Strengthen market supervision and protect investors with full chain


First of all, we need strict examination of stock financing for investors to market a good “product off.” Second, we need to protect participation rights, right of return of investors, and other legitimate rights and interests. Third, we need strictly supervise and enforce the law in accordance with drawing the red line for the protection of the rights and interests of investors. In addition, around the market situation and regulatory focus, regulators should continue to do a good job in investor risk warning education.



  • Explore systemic compensation and relief system


In order to fully guarantee the rights of investors in securities and futures markets, especially small and medium-sized investors, it is necessary to systematically construct a set of institutional rules that conform to the particularities of the securities and futures markets on the basis of general civil and commercial laws and rules of civil procedure .


“The SFC has made substantial progress in guaranteeing the implementation of small and medium-sized investors, especially in the system of compensation and relief and litigation support. Due to the limited financial resources of small and medium-sized investors, and the judicial process, which takes a long time, the first-line payment is the real relief and assistance to small and medium-sized investors.” Tian Lihui, head of the Institute of Financial Development at Nankai University, said that in addition to the judicial channels, the regulators also have the power to promote the recognition of wrongdoers and take the initiative to set up special fund for compensation and make preferential payments to eligible investors.


Tian Lihui pointed out that legal proceedings are often highly specialized and expensive, therefore, the SFC also carry out investor securities litigation support through the small and medium-sized investor service center, commissioned by small and medium-sized investors free commission, appointment or appointment of professional litigants, and thus effectively help with their litigation rights, effectively promoted the legal system of China's securities market construction.


The SFC will conduct in-depth study on other experience-based handling of overseas markets, including ordering the repurchase of equities and compensating investors through fair funds to explore the feasibility of establishing relevant systems in the Chinese market.